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Get the full picture before you buy

Sure, the dealership promises your next car is mechanically sound and ready to drive - but for how long? Can you trust them? The answer is no. It is always best to have a vehicle you want to purchase independently inspected for any damage - we're the shop that gives it to you straight.

Thorough inspections for:

  • Engine and transmissions

  • Shocks, struts and suspensions

  • Drivetrain and undercarriage

  • Computerized diagnostics

  • Exterior and interior body integrity

  • Oil and coolant system check

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Get honesty and a trustworthy opinion

The dealership mechanic may not give you the full picture - always trust an independent service center that will give you honest answers when buying, selling or simply maintaining your vehicle.

"The fact that they suggested a much cheaper solution to my problem gives me a high level of trust that they're looking out for what's best for my car and wallet."

Is your next vehicle safe and sound?

Even if you're not buying or selling, it's always best to have your vehicle inspected regularly. Doing so now could save you thousands in costly repairs later! Stop by today.

Keep your car safe all year round